After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

a. Create web pages

• Format color and text

• Add graphic images

• Add links to web pages

b. Organize web pages

• Develop web pages using CSS page layouts

• Create forms

• Create tables

c. Design web sites

• Create site maps

• Create wireframes

• Develop web sites using best practices

d. Redesign web sites

• Add Multimedia technologies

• Evaluate and enhance web site usability

• Develop web sites using accessibility practices


I. Developing a Basic Web Page

A. Introducing the World Wide Web

B. Creating an HTML Document

C. Working with Elements and Special Characters WEB 210: July 2013

II. Developing a Basic Web Site:

A. Working with Links

B. Working with Web Site Structures

C. Creating Links between Documents

D. Linking to Resources on the Internet

E. Working with Hypertext Attributes

III. Designing a Web Page

A. Working with Color in HTML

B. Working with Fonts and Text Styles

C. Adding Graphic Elements to Your Web Pages

D. Working with GIFs and JPGs

E. Understanding Image Maps

IV. Develop Web Pages with XHTML

A. Test Web pages with Validation tools

B. Evaluate Web Site Accessibility

C. Create Web Sites using current Web Standards

V. Designing Web Page Tables

A. Creating Tables on the World Wide Web

B. Formatting with Style Sheets

VI. Designing Web Page Forms and Styles

A. Creating Web Page Forms

B. Formatting with Style Sheets

C. Using Multimedia on the Web



Hyper Text Markup Languages (HTML 4.01 and XTHML 1.1 )

·    What is Markup Language                              ·

  • Basic Structure of HTML
  • Difference Between HTML and XHTML
  • Head Section and Elements of Head Section
  • Meta Tags
  • Css Tags
  • Script Tag
  • Table Tag
  • Div Tag
  • Header Tags
  • Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
  • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
  • Image Tag
  • Object Tag
  • Iframe Tag


  • Form Tag
  • Attributes of Form
  • POST and GET Method
  • Fieldset and Legend
  • Text input, Text area
  • Checkbox and Radio Button
  • Dropdown, List and Optgroup
  • File Upload and Hidden Fields
  • Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button
  • Creating a Live Website Form
  • HTML Validators


  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Properties Panel
  • Using Snippets panel
  • Dreamweaver extensions
  • Creating subpages for project
  • Dreamweaver Interface Basics
  • Defining a Dreamweaver site
  • Insert Toolbar
  • Common Tools
  • Layout Tools
  • Forms Tool
  • Spry Tools
  • Template Design in DW
  • Editable and Non-Editable Regions
  • Defining the DWT for project


  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Features of HTML5
  • HTML5 DocType

      New Structure Tags

  • Section
  • Nav
  • Article
  • Asice
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Designing a HTML Structure of Page
  • New Media Tags
  • Audio Tag
  • Video Tag
  • Canvas and Svg Tag
  • Introduction to HTML5 Forms
  • New Attributes
  • Placeholder Attribute
  • Require Attribute
  • Pattern Attribute
  • Autofocue Attribute
  • email , tel, url types
  • number type
  • date type
  • range type
  • voice search
  • Examples of Form



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For more details please contact here............
USA Contact:-+1-914-885-1413  ||  +1-949-209-8994 India Contact:-+91-40-60504560  ||  +1-914-885-1413

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