• This is an intensive course designed to rapidly learn Java web programming with J2EE.  This J2EE class will cover the use of procedural J2EE working with real-world examples and exercises
  • Understand J2EE Internals.
  •  Learn J2EE structures, operators and strings
  • Use J2EE classes
  • See J2EE interface classes and object cloning
  • Create J2EE Graphical User Interfaces





An Overview of J2EE 1.4 Web Services

  • The J2EE Platform
  • The Technologies of Web Services
  • The J2EE Web Service APIs

XML Basics

  • XML Primer
  • XML Namespaces

The W3C XML schema language

  • XML Schema Basics
  • Advanced XML Schema


  • The Basic Structure of SOAP
  • SOAP Namespaces
  • SOAP Headers
  • The SOAP Body
  • SOAP Messaging Modes
  • SOAP Faults
  • SOAP over HTTP


  • The Basic Structure of WSDL
  • WSDL Declarations: The definitions, types, and import Elements
  • The WSDL Abstract Interface: The message, port Type, and operation Elements
  • WSDL Messaging Exchange Patterns.
  • WSDL Implementation: The binding Element
  • WSDL Implementation: The service and port Elements
  • WS-I Conformance Claims

The UDDI Data Structures

  • General Information about UDDI SOAP Messaging
  • The Inquiry Operations

The UDDI Publishing API

  • Operation Definitions and Payloads
  • Fault Messages

JAX-RPC Overview

  • The Server-Side Programming Models
  • The Client-Side Programming Models
  • Other JAX-RPC Topics Covered
  • SAAJ

JAX-RPC Service Endpoints

  • A Simple JSE Example
  • The JSE Runtime Environment
  • Multi-threading and JSEs

JAX-RPC EJB Endpoints

  • An Enterprise JavaBeans Primer
  • Enterprise JavaBeans Web Services


  • Generated Stubs
  • Dynamic Proxies

Message Handlers

  • A Simple Example
  • Handler Chains and Order of Processing
  • The Handler Runtime Environment

Mapping Java to WSDL and XML

  • Mapping WSDL to Java
  • Mapping XML Schema to Java
  • Holders
  • Faults and Java Exceptions

Getting Started with JAXR

  • Using a UDDI Test Registry
  • Connecting to a UDDI Registry
  • Using the Registry Service and BusinessLifeCycleManager
  • The Bulk Response Type
  • Exceptions

The JAXR Business Objects

  • The Service and Service Binding Information Objects
  • The Concept Information Object
  • The Specification Link Information Object
  • The Association Information Object
  • Predefined Enumerations

The JAXR Inquiry and Publishing APIs

  • Mapping JAXR to the UDDI Inquiry API
  • Mapping JAXR to the UDDI Publishing API


  • Parsing with SAX: XMLReaderFactory and XMLReader
  • The ContentHandler and DefaultHandler Interfaces
  • Validating with W3C XML Schema


  • Parsing with DOM: DocumentBuilderFactory and Document Builder
  • Nodes
  • Building a DOM Document
  • Copying Nodes


  • A Simple SAAJ Example
  • Creating a SOAP Message
  • Working with SOAP Documents
  • Working with SOAP Faults
  • Sending SOAP Messages with SAAJ
  • SAAJ 1.2 and DOM 2

J2EE Deployment

  • Overview of the J2EE Deployment Process
  • J2EE Web Services Deployment
  • Deploying JSEs
  • Deploying EJB Endpoints
  • Service References

Web Service Descriptors

  • The wsdl-file and wsdl-port Elements
  • The port-component-name Element
  • The service-endpoint-interface Element
  • The service-impl-bean Element
  • The jaxrpc-mapping-file Element
  • The handler Element

JAX-RPC Mapping Files

  • Conditions for a Lightweight JAX-RPC Mapping File
  • A Lightweight Example
  • A Heavyweight Example
  • Anatomy of a Mapping File






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For more details please contact here............
USA Contact:-+1-914-885-1413  ||  +1-949-209-8994 India Contact:-+91-40-60504560  ||  +1-914-885-1413 Email:-Info@globalitfamily.com

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