• Learn how to use Microsoft's Visual Web Developer to create exciting, interactive, and polished Web sites with ASP.NET.
  • You'll begin this hands-on course by adding powerful controls to your Web pages, giving visitors the ability to interact with your Web site.
  • You'll find out how to connect to a database, read the information stored inside, and display it exactly the way you want.
  • You'll find out how style sheets make it easy to give every page of your Web site the same clean, consistent, and professional look, and you'll learn how to create master pages to ensure that each page you create uses a common set of controls.
  • Using ASP.NET's powerful membership features, you'll develop a true community-based Web site that allows users to register, log in, create and update profiles, and post messages to a forum.
  • You'll explore the issue of Web security, and you'll discover some simple
    things you can do to protect your site and prevent the most common types of attacks.




Web Programming Introduction

  • Introduction of browsers and familiarization of different browsers
  • Understanding of how web browser works
  • Understanding of how Web Server works 
  • Brief about HTTP Protocol
  • HTTP Request structure 
  • HTTP Response Structure

      Introduction to Visual Studio

  • How to create and run the first ASP.NET application using Notepad 
  • Introduction of Visual Studio
  • Creating a new website
  • Creating a blank solution
  • Adding project to the solution
  • Running the application / website
  • Understanding different templates available to create website in Visual Studio 

      ASP.NET Introduction & Sample Programs

  • Creating sample website in ASP.NET
  • Understanding web form
  • Introduction of Controls in ASP.NET
    • HTML server controls. 
    • Web Server Controls.
  • Exploring ASP.NET Web Server Controls
  • Understanding PostBack and AutoPostBack
  • Understanding ViewState

      Starting with ASP.NET

  • ASP.NET Page Life cycle
  • Managing state of the control
  • Event Handling in WebForms 
  • Writing / Using Custom Classes in WebApplication 
  • Different ways of navigating to pages in ASP.NET
    • Hyperlink
    • Response.Redirect  
    • Server.Transfer 
  • CrossPagePostBack property of Button 
    • Accessing previous page Controls 
    • Accessing previous page Properties
  • Introduction of ASP.NET related out of the box folder
    • App_Code
    • App_Data
  • Working with
    • Request Object
    • Response Object

     Validation Controls

  • RequiredFieldValidator 
  • CompareValidator 
  • RangeValidator 
  • RegularExpressionValidator 
  • Custom Validator
  • CausesValidation Property of Button 
  • Grouping Controls for Validation
  • ValidationSummary 

      Theme and Skins

  • Working with CSS using Theme
  • Using Themes to Customize a Site 
  • Named Skins within a Theme 
  • How to create a Theme and Skin file
  • Applying Themes and Skins from Server side and Client side

     Master Pages 

  • What is Master Pages and its uses
  • Close look at different controls of Master page
  • Accessing Master page controls from content page
  • Nested Master Page

     User & Server Control

  • Creating a UserControl. 
  • Using a Usercontrol to the WebForm
  • Different properties of Register Directive
  • Loading UserControl Dynamically
  • Caching of a user control
  • Creating and using Custom Server control

Navigation control

  • Creating horizontal and vertical menu in
  • Populating dynamic menu from database
  • Creating a tree view in
  • Creating SiteMap
  • Using SiteMap control

     ASP.NET State Management 

  • Why state managemen t 
  • Different ways of managing states 
  • ViewState 
  • Query String 
  • Cookie
  • Session
  • Cache


  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Inserting data to the database
  • Retrieving data from database
  • Updating data to the database
  • Delete data from the database
  • Using transaction to execute group of statements
  • Getting multiple result sets from the database
  • When to use Reader and when to use DataSet?

     Working with Data Controls and its templates

  • GridView 
  • ListView
  • DataPager
  • DetailsView
  • DataList
  • XmlDataSource
  • SiteMapDataSource

      In-Depth look at Global.asax and Web.Config

  • Different events of Global.asax
  • Different elements of Web.Config
    • Accessing web.config data
    • AppSettings
    • ConnectionStrings
    • Encrypting settings to protect the data in the web.config file
    • Storing data in custom settings in web.config file

     Caching – Improving performance of the application

  • Overview 
  • Page Output Caching 
  • Partial Caching 
  • Data Caching 

     Security - Authentication & Authorization

  • Authentication & Authorization 
  • Windows Based Authentication 
  • Form Based Authentication 
  • Roles based authentication 

     Globalization and Localization

  • Storing data in global resource file
  • Programmatic Access to Global Resources 
  • Creating a multi-lingual web sit


  • Retrieving data from Generic list collection
  • Filtering data from generic list
  • Sorting data from generic list
  • Using Aggregate functions in LINQ
  • Introduction of ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • CRUD operation using ADO.NET entity framework


  • What is ASP.NET Ajax and Why
  • Script Manager control
  • Update Panel control
  • Update Progress control
  • Timer control
  • Overview of ASP.NET Ajax Control toolkit

     Deploying application

  • Building the application
  • Publishing the application
  • XCopy deployment
  • Deploying database 
  • Configuring application for the production

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For more details please contact here............
USA Contact:-+1-914-885-1413  ||  +1-949-209-8994 India Contact:-+91-40-60504560  ||  +1-914-885-1413

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